About Us

DMC Busa Printshoppe is the advertising and fabrication division of DMC Busa Printers, an offset printing company which was founded way back 1983.

DMC Busa Printshoppe started in the last quarter of 2011 with only 2 employees. It was then serving tarpaulin and sticker printing for the customers of DMC Busa Printers. Fabrication and other installation processes were back then outsourced. With the growing demand for the current customers and the new ones, it was when the company formed its fabrication team to ensure quality and on time deliveries. At present, the company is not only serving advertising and printing but also fabrications, on site renovations and construction. Improving always to serve you better.

To be one of the leading outdoor printing and advertising company, serving clients nationwide with implementation capabilities in the Visayas and Mindanao region.

To provide printing and fabrication services to our clients through transparent customer relations and thorough operation supervision to ensure on time delivery with the highest quality.